A Success For Animal Rights, A Challenge to Us All

The relief of Naujan Municipal Police Station Chief PSupt. Rommel Briones, who was tagged as an alleged suspect on the shooting of six dogs and a cow last January 24, 2018 was a success for the animal welfare in this town.

PSupt. Briones is thereby replaced by PSupt. Ronald M. Tagao, who is now, designated Officer in Charge of the Naujan MPS. Supt. Tagao is the Commander of the PMFC of Oriental Mindoro.

It was remembered that on the fateful early morning hours of January 24th, as per the tally of Batang Naujan, a total of six dogs were shot, two of them dead. A cow also was shot dead. All incidents happened within a span of three hours from different barangays in Naujan.

The event prompted the group to seek help in getting an audience with the Municipal Mayor to which he promptly referred it to the local PNP.

But Batang Naujan knew for a fact that the local investigating team, notwithstanding and not undermining their integrity, would be put in an awkward position. So they decided to seek remedy from other agencies and with other high-ranking officials within the PNP hierarchy and the National Bureau of Investigation. The group was also able to acquire the slugs and spent shells of the 9MM handgun used in two locations of the shootings, which they then gave to the NBI for ballistics testing.

We sincerely thank the PNP Mimaropa CSupt. Emmanuel Luis Delgado Licup, OrMin PPO SSupt. Christopher C. Birung for the prompt response to make sure the image of our police remains intact. We likewise would like to thank PSupt. Neil Apostol of the Provincial CIDG in the help in the investigation, as well as Agent Abner Tecson of the NBI.

The replacement of the Chief of Police is an example that the citizens of Naujan is not afraid of protecting and fighting for their rights, let alone for our pets who most are considered extended members of our family. Nevertheless, the replacement would not stop the ongoing investigations on the part of the CIDG and NBI. It can be a slow process, but we are willing to wait. If only to show that we are serious in our advocacy.

While we do have an ongoing problem of loitering pests in our streets, getting rid of them via shortcuts is not the right way of solving it. We need to enlist the help of our community not disenfranchise them by resorting to violence.

This is our challenge, to enlist our community in doing the necessary changes to make Naujan better.